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Two-storey modern house decorated with glass and stone

Number of floors: 2
Total area: 227.46 m2
Living area: 114.93 m2
Number of bedrooms: 4
Number of bathrooms: 3
Garage: Garage for two cars
Noble gray shades used for painting the roof, brick decoration of the walls and basement, window and door openings, give the cottage an aristocratic appearance. Decorating the walls of the second floor with wood adds softness and family warmth. The delightful mansion is harmonious with any rural landscape, overflowing with green color.
The residential building is divided into day and night zones, which are separated on different levels. Four bedrooms are located on the second floor, differ in the size of the area and the degree of improvement. The master suite includes a private bathroom. Bedrooms for the younger generation are set up for a romantic mood due to the opportunity to stay indefinitely on a private modern balcony.

The living area is L - shaped. Its area is more than 40 squares. Space is obtained due to the absence of walls between the dining room, living room and kitchen. The room looks modern, the place for cooking is moved away from the wall, the fireplace area is placed in the center. A separate room of 10 square meters can be furnished as an office, a children's room or a small bedroom where older family members can retire.
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