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Stylish house with a terrace

On the second floor

Number of floors: 2
Total area: 215.00 m2
Living area: 150.00 m2
House height: 7.96 m
Ceiling height: 2.80 m
Roof tilt angle: 20 °
Cubic capacity: 921.70 m3
Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 3
Garage: Garage for one car
Minimum section size(length): 23.80 m
Minimum plot size(width): 19.50 m
Built-up area: 159.9 m2

Walls: aerated concrete, ceramic blocks
Floor plan: monolithic floor plan
Roof: fold
Foundation: monolithic tape
Project of a house with a modern design and high functionality of the interior. The white-and-gray facades are decorated with rustics, fragments of walls have beige wooden cladding, and the entire house is covered with a gray roof. Passing through the dressing room, bathroom and study, we enter a spacious living room connected to the kitchen by a large family table. In the lounge area, you can relax by the fireplace or, if the weather is nice, enjoy a cup of coffee on the covered terrace.

In the economic part of the house there is a garage for one car and a boiler room. The second floor is designed as a very functional recreation area. One bedroom is connected to a bathroom and a walk-in closet. A larger bathroom, laundry room and additional walk-in closet share the other two bedrooms. All rooms are well lit by large windows, and one has access to a large, partially covered terrace.
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