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Luxury two-storey residential building with a garage for two cars

Number of floors: 2
Total area: 297.92 m2
Living area: 206.40 m2
House height: 9.20 m
Ceiling height: 2.80 m
Roof tilt angle: 20 °
Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 3
Garage: Garage for two cars
Minimum section size (length): 26.50 m
Minimum plot size (width): 22.50 m

Walls: aerated concrete, ceramic blocks
Floor plan: monolithic floor plan
Roof: fold
Foundation: monolithic tape
The porch of the house is located in a recess, thus the entrance is protected from the weather. The spacious vestibule occupies 7.5 sq. m.
The project provides for a large garage for two cars. Its area is 37 sq. m.
From the garage there is a passage to the house through the vestibule. The boiler room is located next to the garage and occupies 8.7 sq. m. This area is enough to install a solid fuel boiler. The boiler room is connected to the garage and also has a separate entrance.
The kitchen occupies a luxurious 17.2 sq. m. and boasts a storage room (2.5 sq. m.).
The common area of the living and dining area is 51 sq. m. The project includes a fireplace and many huge windows.
Also in the day area there is a bathroom (5.9 sq. m.), which has a niche for a shower.
There is also an office on the ground floor.
The sleeping area includes 3 spacious bedrooms, each with its own dressing room.
The rooms are very conveniently located, none of the rooms has a common wall with the other.
The project provides for a master bedroom, which has a separate bathroom with a shower cabin (the area allows you to install a bathtub instead of a cabin).
There is also a shared bathroom on the second floor (6.51 sq. m.) with bathroom and laundry room (4.66 sq. m.).
From the second floor there is access to the second-level terrace (27.5 sq. m.)
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