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Two-storey stylish house decorated with bricks

Number of floors: 2
Total area: 169.60 m2
Ceiling height: 2.80 m
Number of bedrooms: 4
Number of bathrooms: 3
Fashion for modern architectural styles does not pass. Cute two-story cottage, made in the spirit of constructivism, is incredibly popular. Its main advantage is considered to be maximum functionality. There is everything that contributes to a comfortable stay.

The house attracts with the parsimony of forms and simplicity of materials. Distinctive features are manifested in a single-pitched, almost flat roof. Two separate fragments look like one.
The exterior of the house is dominated by white. It gives the impression of lightness, purity and perfection, is combined with noble shades of gray, emphasizes the simplicity of forms, conciseness of geometry. The red brick decor adds passion and extravagance.

The layout of the interior space is simple and functional, divided by floor into a day and night zone. The central place of the lower level is occupied by a spacious dining kitchen-dining room. A storage room for food and kitchen equipment is located nearby. Laundry facilities are also available.

Compact living room of 17.6 sq. m. m with fireplace represents the home hearth. The next advantage of the living room is its proximity to a huge outdoor terrace. In summer, you can organize noisy parties against the backdrop of the landscape, install sun beds and sun beds for those who appreciate tanned skin.

The spacious room of 17.3 sq. m on the first floor can be furnished as a bedroom for older family members, organize a room for delayed guests or a study for the owner of the cottage.
The boiler room has a separate entrance from the courtyard, which allows you to organize a home workshop here. The second floor is considered a private space for the residents of the house. There are three superior bedrooms with wardrobes, two bathrooms and a small hall.
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