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House with office and garage

Number of floors: 2
Total area: 225.40 m2
Living area: 197.40 m2
Number of bedrooms: 5
Number of bathrooms: 4
Garage for one car
Many people dream of a big house, which would have enough space for everyone, and in the morning you don't have to take a queue for the bathroom, because there are several of them. This luxury, of course, is not available to everyone. But even if a person has money, it is not always possible to make a dream come true. Not all large homes are equally nice and comfortable.

The main purpose of the house is its functionality. Who needs a dozen rooms if none of them will be comfortable and cozy? As they say, the more space, the more chaos. But this is not about the 4M652 house. Everything is harmonious and functional. The living room, kitchen, office are on the first floor, and all the bedrooms are on the second floor. There is also a garage in it, because a car is an integral attribute of a modern person. Especially advantageous against the background of a modern facade look balconies and a terrace.
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