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Compact cottage

with large windows

Number of floors: 2
Total area: 101.10 m2
Ceiling height: 2.80 m
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 2
The two-story neo-constructivist mansion impresses with its grandeur. It will perfectly fit into the landscape of unspoilt nature or decorate a plot in a cottage village. Despite the small area of only 101 sq. m.there is no sense of lack of space or lack of functionality. The house impresses with its architecture. These are two pyramids represented by a single ensemble, truncated by a single-pitched roof. In the cottage, considerable attention is paid to the stained glass windows. They literally flood the spacious rooms with sunlight.

The appearance of the house impresses with an original solution. A spectacular contrast is created by using a starry triad of colors: snow-white walls, dark roof and red decor. This combination is preferred by strong-willed and balanced people. At this celebration of modern architecture, balconies with glass fences, an enclosed terrace with a winter garden and stationary flower beds installed around the perimeter look great.

The interior layout divides the house into two zones: day and night. The lower level is reserved for the first one. The central place is occupied by a huge living room of 28 sq. m. The room is designed for meeting friends and family holidays. The pride of the hall is a real fireplace. The studio kitchen covers an area of 18 sq. m. It is equipped with the latest household appliances and has a pantry for storing food supplies.

The second floor is the personal territory of the residents of the house. There are two bedrooms of 15 sq. m each. m of different comfort levels, bathroom and hall of 10 sq. m.
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